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New Certification RedHat Certified Technician
LinuxPlanet Article: A New Approach to Red Hat Certification, RHCT, "HotLinuxJobs quoted in Article"
Key Certifications Grow In Value
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Be Sure your IT workers are Linux-qualified
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How to Get Hired as an Open - Source Developer
Good article from TheOpenEnterprise.com on the current state of the Linux / Open Source job market
Many Certifications, Many Jobs?
Looking at the Certification Landscape. This article on LinuxPlanet.com gives a good overview of the different linux certifications
Certifcation Magazine Featured
An Overview of Linux Certifications
IT Manager's Journal
How to hire great open source developers, by Martin Fink of HP
Dice.Com Says Linux Career Paths Remain Strong
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The Certified Novell Engineer conundrum
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Take Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer
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RHCE named Hottest certifcation for 2006
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Certification on the Upswing Again
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