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Thank you for your interest in HotLinuxJobs.

HotLinuxJobs is NOT a Job Board. We operate as a contingency search firm, working very closely with our clients to recruit the best candidates for their organization.

Our knowledge of the Linux landscape and employment marketplace make us your most efficient recruiting resource. HotLinuxJobs has enjoyed particular success in locating hard-to-find, senior level Linux engineers. Our extensive database provides our clients with a ready pool of candidates possessing even the scarcest skill sets.

We charge a fee based on the candidate's first year's compensation. In order to use our services, employers sign a fee agreement outlining our fee structure and guarantee period. HotLinuxJobs is a division of Glacier Technology Services, Inc.

Please download our corporate brochure (PDF) for additional information.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact one of our recruiters. We can be reached by e-mail at info@hotlinuxjobs.com or phone at 877-548-0003.

HotLinuxJobs markets directly to the Linux / Open Source Community. Below are just a few of the events we have been involved with.

Golden Penguin Bowl, LinuxWorldExpo 2003, San Francisco
Golden Penguin Bowl, LinuxWorldExpo 2003, San Francisco

LinuxWorld Expo 2001 San Francisco
LinuxWorld Expo 2001 San Francisco HotLinuxJobs Booth

LinuxWorld Expo 2001 New York
LinuxWorld Expo 2001 New York HotLinuxJobs Booth

Comdex Linux Business Expo 2000 Las Vegas
Comdex LinuxBusiness Expo 2000 Las Vegas HotLinuxJobs Booth
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