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Thank you for your interest in HotLinuxJobs. We have exciting opportunities throughout the country, and hopefully you will find one that is of interest to you. All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

HotLinuxJobs is NOT a job board site. We operate much like a traditional recruiting firm, which means that you get personal attention from one of our recruiters.

We go through the following process with each of our job candidates:
    1. Locate a position that is of interest to you on our web site or in an e-mail from HotLinuxJobs.

    2. E-mail us a copy of your resume. Please note the position you are interested in within the subject line of your e-mail. Preferred resume formats include Star Office/Open Office, ASCII, RTF, and PDF.

    3. If you meet the requirements of the position, we will contact you via e-mail to arrange a phone interview.

    4. Following the phone interview, we will present your resume to the corporation. We will not disperse your resume to any corporation without your approval.

    5. If the corporation is interested in your background, we will arrange for an interview to take place.

    6. We will guide you through the interview process until an offer has been made.

    7. Voila! You have an exciting new position working with open source technologies.

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