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HotLinuxJobs President: Nerd
Rob Jones of HotLinuxJobs was a Nerd Panelist on the Golden Penguin Bowl LinuxWorldExpo San Francisco
LinuxPlanet article "Linux HeadHunter Shop"
Linux Jobs: They're Out There and Here's How to Find Them, Hunting the Penguin
HotLinuxJobs mentioned in LinuxPlanet article on Certification and Jobs
Many Certifications, Many Jobs?
HotLinuxJobs on LinuxJournal.com
HotLinuxJobs is featured as the Product of the Day Please check out this article on LinuxJournal.com
HotLinuxJobs appears in Marc Merlin LinuxWorldExpo San Francisco 2001 report.
HotLinuxJobs booth
HotLinuxJobs appears in the AJC WebTrends section!
HotLinuxJobs was listed in the WebTrends section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
HotLinuxJobs mentioned in NewsForge.com Article
HotLinuxJobs is featured in a story on NewsForge.com about finding Linux job opportunities.
Rob Jones' LinuxWorld Magazine Column
HotLinuxJobs president 'recruited' for LinuxWorld column on recruiting and certification; first article, "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff", available here
NewsForge.com Article on Finding Linux Jobs
Featuring HotLinuxJobs
Brent Marinaccio of HotLinuxJobs
Director of Open Source Recruiting featured in NewsFactor.com article on strategies for the Linux job seeker
HotLinuxJobs presents at LinuxWorldExpo San Francisco 2004
Rob Jones and Brent Marinaccio present "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Linux/Open Source Recruiting Strategies" at LinuxWorldExpo
HotLinuxJobs in Information Week
President Rob Jones quoted in article "In Search of Open-Source Experts"
Rob Jones LinuxWorld Magazine Column
Certification Revisited In the last installment of my Linux Careers column (LWM, Vol. 2, issue 2) I focused on the quandary posed by certifications: most qualified candidates feel
HotLinuxJobs mentioned in IT Managers Journal Article
Lots of opportunities in database-related jobs
Rob Jones LinuxWorld Magazine Column
Certification Revisited: Now I want to examine certifications and their place within the open source community.
Brent Marinaccio's LinuxWorld Magazine Column
An In-Depth Look At The Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) Certification
Brent Marinaccio is a speaker on a Zend WebCast
Zend WebCast "The PHP Job Market" please click here to listen
Brent Marinaccio's LinuxWorld Magazine Column
The MySQL Certification Program, Facts and Viewpoints from the Inside
Brent Marinaccio's latest LinuxWorld Magazine Column
Telecommuting: There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of
Brent Marinaccio's PHP Architect article
Thoughts from an Open Source Recruiter
Brent Marinaccio's latest Enterprise Open Source Magazine article
Tip Toe Through the Open Source Tulips
Article on Datamation Featuring HotLinuxJobs
Zen and the Art of the Six-Figure Linux Job
Linux Article from CompTIA
Linux Job Market Growth Across All Verticals
Series of articles by Brent Marinaccio of HotLinuxJobs on the new Linux.coma
The Linux Career Guide
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